Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Pause in Posting

I am currently working on building a new and better blog. Until it's ready you can find short videos, reviews and loads of pics of the patterns I use and the outfits I create on my Instagram page at KimberleeBDesigns!

Saturday, December 16, 2017

I'm Still Here!

The holidays are always so busy for me and with that comes a lack of sewing time. I've already had family visit and my kids are very active and involved in basketball, dance, etc so it keeps me running around as their taxi driver and trying to fit in errands, keeping my house clean, cooking, laundry, walking the dogs, and anything else that randomly pops up.

I will say that I have been working on a new web store, and blog, but it needs more work before its launched. I'm hoping to have things up and running in the early part of the New Year.  I am currently working on a few things including a long coat, which I've needed for a while. I'm hoping to have a new video up soon as well. LIFE... never a dull moment but I love it!

See you soon!!


Friday, November 24, 2017

What I ate for Thanksgiving

I can’t even express all that I am thankful for in words! I can tell you that my life isn’t perfect but I deal with unperfectness in a totally different way now! I truly live with purpose, faith and gratitude. I am very much a Type A personality but over this last year God has shown me how to give all my cares to him and not sweat the small stuff.

I hope you all had an amazing Thanksgiving! I also hope you didn’t indulge TOO much! I think my 12 yr old son had about 4 plates of turkey and 5 pieces of fried chicken with only a dollop of veggies. I pray every day my nagging and example of how I eat will rub off on him but I’ve been a vegan for almost 9 years without much luck.

I just wanted to share a snippet of what I ate for Thanksgiving. I followed the nutritional guide and used a couple recipes for desserts from Ty’s Conscious Kitchen and The Electric Cupboard who both have great recipes on their channels.

Make sure to follow me on YouTube KimberleeB and on IG Kims_Kouture! Here’s what I ate for Thanksgiving following the Dr. Sebi Nutritional Guide:

May God Bless You and Your Family Richly!

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Henley Bodysuit and Leather Mini Skirt

Bodysuits are all the trend this fall and Simplicity Pattern Company doesn’t fail with its many choices of bodysuit styles. I used Simplicity 8435 and a ribbed knit to create this snap front bodysuit and Simplicity 1370 View E and faux leather to create the mini skirt.

There’s a full review on the Pattern Review site but I will say I felt the bodysuit could have been a little longer in the torso and feel there should have been an elastic guide for legs. I also don’t like exposed or raw edges as suggested for the neckline so I did mine as a bound edge.  Just measuring the leg seam will result in a loose leg opening. The skirt on the other hand was a great fit and instructions were very good.

Here's a video with some tips that might help you sew with leather!

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Long Maxi Dress

I just love this color! I love a maxi dress just as much! I used McCall’s 7534, View D and love how it turned out. The final dress is romantic and has a vintage feel.  I used a blush colored rayon challis and love the drape. The full review is on Pattern Review.

I was freezing cold taking these pics so not much smiling going on and really wish I would have gotten more but I just couldn't stand out there any longer with the wind and static cling of the fabric lol.

I felt so feminine, innocent (lol) and pure in this dress. I love that I chose a lightweight silky. Based on the measurements I made a 10 instead of my normal 12 but I do feel the 12 would have lent itself to a drapier (is that a word?) look which would have also been lovely.

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Saturday, November 4, 2017

God is so good!

Today is the day. This day last year I was diagnosed with breast cancer, two days after a biopsy, 3 months after my first mammogram, that was clean, and 3 weeks after finding my very own tiny lump on my upper chest. I was told on a Friday but didn’t know any other information; stage, grade etc and had to wait until the following Monday to see the dr. I was devastated and in disbelief because I thought I was extremely healthy; exercised daily, was a vegan for 8 years but in the back of my mind I knew something was wrong since I had been dealing with chronic anxiety for many years and had started to feel like I couldn’t function and fake it anymore. I remember thinking I was going to die. Scared for my family. I dropped to my knees and cried out to God for wisdom and to save me. I’m not sure I’ve ever thrown myself at his feet like that before. Even though there continued to be a fear in the beginning, peace and comfort slowly began to over take and push fear out. God has brought me new wisdoms about my emotional, physical and spiritual health each day. I’m more alive now and at peace than I ever have been before. I know God puts into each of us our own peace of how we should pursue treatment and healing and he blesses many doctors with gifts to care for us, but for me the natural route was what he placed in my spirit and I feel it wasn’t just to heal my body. Does fear still creep in every now and then, yes, I’m human, but it just reminds me that God doesn’t give us a spirit of fear and I go to him in prayer. It will soon be my 1 year anniversary and if God is willing, I will see many more ❤️

Monday, October 30, 2017

Teddy Bear Jacket

I’ve been seeing these jackets all over Pinterest & Instagram and thought they looked so cute and comfy and when I saw Simplicity 8128 I knew it would be a perfect pattern for this look!

I made View B and I love it! I see that the reviews of this pattern aren’t good on the Simplicity website, so I decided to use this opportunity to share how I sew fur or fluffy fabrics as well as walk you through the full construction of this jacket in a video!

I need to do a grey hair growth update video. My hair is growing in quickly and I still don't have as much grey as I thought I would have. I honestly feel that my reduced stress and alkaline diet have reversed the amount of grey hair I had, if that's possible!

My grandbabies!

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Sunday, October 22, 2017

My Sexy Tracksuit

I LOVE how this set turned out!! First off, the fabric is super soft, warm and stretchy but the added bonus is that the fit ended up being amazingly perfect! My husband kept saying “you made that?” Really?? He doubts my skills??? Lol.

I used OOP McCall’s 5819 for the top and Simplicity 8268 for the bottom. A full review of both is on  Pattern Review in the sidebar but I will tell you my measurements are almost exactly a 12 top and 14 bottom but based on final garment measurements I felt top ran a little small and bottoms a full size larger so I made a 14 top and Small bottom.

I am so sick while taking these pics! It was a beautiful warm day but not so warm that I should have been burning up! I am currently fighting some type of cold/sinus thing. My kids have been circulating it through the house for about a month but I didn't think I'd get it, but I was wrong. It's actually ok to get sick every now and then and my body is doing what God created it to do. I'm helping it along with juicing raw veggies and ginger, drinking fresh pressed juice from my machine and resting, which is OH SO HARD for me to do. Halloween is coming up! I have an interesting idea for my next piece and location. Don't forget to follow me on IG @ Kims_Kouture!

Monday, October 16, 2017

Homecoming Dress Using Simplicity 9973

My daughter is growing up so fast. She’s my third baby and so amazing inside and out. This is her first year having a date and he happens to be the quarterback, so she wanted something with bling and a little out of both of our comfort zones. She’s very athletic, a sweats and basketball shoes kind of girl so she was very excited but nervous to be dressing up.

She picked out this OOP Simplicity 9973 pattern from my stash and chose View D. I knew it was going to be a little tricky getting the bust just right for her 30G bust. The full review is on Pattern Review in the side bar. She loved the finish product.

Friday, October 13, 2017

My Acne Free Skincare Routine & Estrogen

One issue I’ve learned tons about since my diagnosis is how essential it is to have balanced hormones, and how when you’re hormones are out of balance it has a huge affect on your health.  Everything you consume, use on your skin, and chemicals in your environment affect your levels, usually increasing estrogen levels. When this happens, one of the many negative effects is acne. In addition, you can have problems with irregular menstrual cycles, painful cycles, tender breast during your cycle, moodiness and issues with weight, just to name a few. This isn’t only a female problem. So back to acne. 

In my teens my skin was flawless. It wasn’t until stress kicked in, and I began using products that have synthetic hormone affecting ingredients like Bath & Bodyworks etc, continuing to use products both drugstore and high end brands that claimed to cure skin issues, not sleeping enough, and finally being diagnosed with breast cancer last year, did I educate myself and make huge changes. These changes have made huge improvements in my skin!

I hope my skincare regimen will be helpful for you! ❤️

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Kaepernick Statement Tee & High Waisted Denim Skirt

If you don’t know about the protest going on then you might actually live under a rock! As a vegan, natural cancer conqueror who is against Big Pharma and Monsanto, and a black woman (biracial but black), I’m sure it’s no surprise that I would have strong feelings about the Colin Kaepernick movement. I don’t feel that taking a knee is in anyway disrespectful to the flag or the country. As a recent former high school teacher, I had many students who wouldn’t stand for the flag and when I would ask why they chose not to stand, I would hear things like “ Why should we Ms. Brown when the country doesn’t stand for us or give us the same respect and rights the constitution says we are owed” and white students would say “we really aren’t all treated equal Mrs. Brown”. I am happy to be living in a city that is very inclusive and racially mixed. My city has actually been the No. 1 city to raise a family in the U.S. for a few years and students still feel this way based on what they see in society as a whole. I pray that God is working to create a major healing and reconciliation with race relations in this country, and we will see changes soon ❤️🙏🏾.

This country prides itself on freedom of expression but as we all can clearly see by the repercussions Colin Kaepernick is enduring, we really don’t have that either. Today I chose to express my freedom of speech with my statement tee and sexy high waisted skirt by Butterick found here. I made View B, full review in sidebar and sew Along Video below!

Saturday, September 30, 2017

MimiGStyle Jumpsuit Simplicity 8060

This is my first time creating a Mimi G pattern, found here. You can find the full review on Pattern Review in the sidebar. I’m happy with the end result but the pattern drafting, not so much.

My main issues were the collar markings and directions, which I ended up not following, and the sizing, which is completely off. Again, click sidebar for deets.

I chose my fabric, because it was a color I liked and different from the pattern envelope but I soon came across Mimi’s creation in a very similar color. I still really liked it so I pressed on. I wore this jumpsuit out on a Date Night with my husband.

I used a stretch twill and it was the perfect fabric for this outfit and the night. The weather has just started to get cool again. For my next Sew Along I'll make making a stretch denim high waist pencil skirt! I hope it turns out well! Thanks for stopping by!

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